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Abbot, C. G. and F. E. Fowle (1913). Volcanoes and climate. Washington, Smithsonian Institution.

Abbott, T. and T. Jessell (1999). Journey to the Volcano Palace. New York; London, Scholastic.

Abich, H. (1841). Topographisch-Geognostische Uebersichtskarte der continentalen vulcanischen Gegenden im Königreich Neapel, nach eigenen Beobachtungen. im Jahre 1838 entworfen von H. Abich. Taf. 1 [in Atlas zu den Geologischen Beobachtungen über der vulkanischen Erscheinungen und Bildungen in Unter- und Mittel-Italien Von Dr. H. Abich], Braunschweig.

Accademia nazionale dei, L., r. Consiglio nazionale delle, et al. (1994). Large explosive eruptions: (the problems of eruption forecasting and warning: limits and possibilities): International Symposium sponsored by the Academia Nazionale dei Lincei and the British Council (Rome, 24-25 May 1993). Roma, Accademia nazionale dei Lincei.

Account (1822). An historical account of the most remarkable earthquakes; from the beginning of the world to the present time: as also of the most memorable eruptions of volcanos, London.

Acker, A. (1986). Children of the volcano. London, Zed.

Ackerley, C., L. J. Clipper, et al. (1984). A companion to Under the volcano. Vancouver, University of British Columbia Press.

Adamides, N. G. and L. University of (1984). Cyprus volcanogenic sulphide deposits in relation to their environment of formation, University of Leicester.

Adams, R. (1981). Richard Adams's favourite animal stories. London, Octopus Books Limited.

Adams, S. (2001). My best book of volcanoes. London, Kingfisher.

Adamson, D. W. and B. University of Aston in (1988). Volcanogenic mineralisation in the Limestone Lake Area, Saskatchewan, Canada. Birmingham, University of Aston.

Addicott, W. O., F. J. Sidlauskas, et al. (1990). Geodynamic map of the Circum-Pacific region. Tulsa, Okla., American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

Agnar, ó. (1995). Called home. Norwich, Norvik Press.

Aguilera Serrano, J. G. and E. Ordónez (1895). Expedition cientifica al Popocatepetl, Mexico.

Aguirre Prior of the Augustinian Monastery at, T. (1756). Relazione lagrimevole fatta dal P. Priore di Taal dall' ordine di S. Agostino sopra gli effetti prodigiosi, che per sei mesi continui ha cogionato il volcano esistente in' una piccola isola situata nel mezzo della laguna Bongbong distante quindici leghe dalla città di Manila, etc, Roma.

Ahrens Thomas, J., E. Ohtani, et al., Eds. (1997). Physical and chemical evolution of the Earth, Elsevier.

Aka, F. T. (1991). Volcano monitoring by geochemical analysis of volcanic gases, Leeds.

Akademiia nauk, S. (1992). Volcanology and seismology: a cover-to-cover translation of Vulkanologiya i seismologiya. New York; London, Gordon and Breach.

Åkerman, R. (1871). Studier rörande värmefoörhållandena i masugnsprocessen med särskild hänsyn till varmblästerns inflytande på densamma. Stockholm, Tryckt hos Joh. Beckman.

Alegría, C. (1982). Flowers from the volcano. Pittsburgh; London, University of Pittsburgh Press: Feffer and Simons.

Alegría, C. and C. Forché (1982). Flores del volcán = Flowers from the volcano. Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh Press.

Alegría, C. and C. Forché (1982). Flowers from the volcano = Flores del volcán Claribel Alegría, Pittsburgh; London [University of Pittsburgh Press].

Allaby, A., M. Allaby, et al. (2003). "A dictionary of earth sciences." 2nd, reissued with corrections and new covers. from

Allen, E. T. and E. G. Zies (1923). A chemical study of the fumaroles of the Katmai region, Washington.

Ambeh, W. B., H. Caribbean Conference on Natural, et al. (1994). Proceedings of the Caribbean Conference on Natural Hazards; Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Windstorms, Floods: October 11-15, 1993 St Anns, Trinidad & Tobago. [St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago, W.I., Seismic Research Unit, University of the West Indies.

American Geophysical, U. (1924). The temperatures of hot springs and the sources of their heat and water supply: papers presented at a joint meeting of the Section of Volcanology and the Section of Geophysical Chemistry, American Geophysical Union.

Anand Mulk, R. (1967). The volcano: some comments on the development of Rabindranath Tagore's aesthetic theories and art practice. Baroda, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda.

Andersen, H. (1989). Vesuv: den udødelige vulkan. Lynge, Bogan.

Anderson Charles, A. (1941). Volcanoes of the Medicine Lake Highland, California. [With illustrations and maps.], Berkeley & Los Angeles.

Anderson, T. (1903). Recent volcanic eruptions in the West Indies. London, William Clowes.

Anderson, T. (1903). Volcanic studies in many lands: being reproductions of photographs by the author of above one hundred actual objects, with explanatory notices. London, John Murray.

Anderson, T. (1903). Volcanic studies in many lands: being reproductions of photographs.with explanatory notices. London, John Murray.

Anderson, T. (1903). Volcanic studies in many lands. London, J. Murray.

Anderson, T. (1908). The volcanoes of Guatemala. London, Royal Geographical Society; Edward Stanford.

Anderson, T. (1910). The volcano of Matavanu in Savaii. [London, Geological Society.

Anderson, T. and J. S. S. Flett (1903). Report on the eruptions of the Soufrière in St. Vincent, in 1902, and on a visit to Montagne Pelée in Martinique. London, Dulau and Co.

Anderson, T. and T. G. Bonney (1917). Volcanic studies in many lands: being reproductions of photographs taken by the author. London, John Murray.

Anderson, T., T. G. Bonney, et al. (1917). Volcanic studies in many lands: being reproductions of photographs by the author. London, J. Murray.

Andrews, J. (1797). A political, historical, astronomical, and commercial chart of Europe: To shew relatively the situation of places, by the rays of the sun, the rumb of the wind, and hours of the day, from the meridian and parallel of London, on which are delineated the zones and climates; with the tracks of the Carthagenians, Phoenicians, Romans, Saxons, Danes & Swedes. With the rectiline distance in circles of 100 miles each. London, Published as the Act directs. by J. Andrews.

Andrusov Nikolai, I., O. Anz, et al. (1895). Kartenskizze der Vulkane in West-Guatemala, von Dr. C. Sapper, Gotha.

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